If you use electric fences on your farm, then you will benefit by using these Wires and Tapes.

Our products will hold ALL livestock in any paddock, field or strip-grazing situation regardless of conditions or terrain.

The product range available will cover any demand.

Our high conductivity / low resistance products are capable of conducting long distances and our highly visible tapes will secure valuable livestock in any situation.

Our Range:

Power Tape – A great polytape for all farming types with 6 strands & 12mm width, 3940 ohms/km resistance.

Mega Tape –  Another great polytape for all farming types but 10 stands & 12mm width, 2,340 ohms/km resistance.

Mega Wire – Great quality wire & very conductive with 9 stands & 4mm width, 2795 ohms/km resistance.

Power Wrapper – The exposed wire will give a real belt with 6 stands & 2mm width, 4170 ohms/km resistance.

Super Wrapper – Exceptionally strong for big herds & bulls with 6stands & 5mm width, 4540 ohms/km resistance

Horse Tape – Wide tape gives great visibility with 10 strands & 25mm width, 2,430 ohms/km resistance.

Horse Rope – Great strength and it’s soft on livestock with 8 strands & 7mm width, 3195 ohms/km resistance



Farm Animals

Horse Rope – 100m


Farm Animals

Horse Tape – 100m


Farm Animals

Megatape – 200m


Farm Animals

Megatape – 500m


Farm Animals

Megawire – 200m


Farm Animals

Megawire – 500m


Farm Animals

Power Tape – 200m


Farm Animals

Power Tape – 400m