Budgie Nutrition

In addition to fresh, clean water, quality seed should form the basis of your budgie’s diet (60-70%) and can be provided in a dish or in the form of a seed bell or millet spray. The remaining 30-40% of the diet should consist of: Fresh vegetables and fruit: You can feed your budgie small amounts […]

Keeping Chickens

Keeping chickens is rewarding in so many ways. With healthy, well feed chickens come the supply of fresh delicious eggs, enriched compost for the garden, minimized kitchen scraps and the bug population is kept under control. Chooks can scratch and turn over your garden, aerate the soil and help weed under your trees. They can teach your kids about the wonderful cycles of life…broody hens, hatching eggs, fluffy chicks….what an educational experience for our next generation. Chickens make ideal pets for kids and adults alike. Their quirky personalities can be a winner with children. They teach kids about sharing, routine and resposibility.